Lady Ice Redux!

Greetings, all!

I'm very happy to announce Lady Ice REDUX. A remake of one of my previous games which was a runner-up for Asylum Jam 2016. A short blurb for the game is below:


Whatever you do... stay out of the dark!

Set in a wild west interpretation of the US state Michigan; an unfortunate soul finds himself trapped inside the temporary safety of a cabin in the midst of a massive, unnatural winter storm. While safe from the devastating weather, he is not alone. Many folk talk about Lady Ice; a terrifying spirit which inhabits the storm, freezing and devouring any who cross her path.

In this remake of my 2016 horror game jam submission, you must ride out the storm and avoid the Lady Ice as she envelopes you in darkness with nowhere to run. Keep your lantern and candles lit to stay safe as she cannot reach you in the light. But be wary - she can cast her spell of darkness. which extinguish all of the light around her. Discover the story behind Lady Ice's appearance and find a way to banish her from this realm once and for all.


Lady Ice: REDUX will be completely free to download and play via Gamejolt and Itch io. It includes completely rewritten mechanics, a brand-new playable introduction sequence, revamped graphics, a new cabin to explore and much more which can only be discovered by playing the game. I will also be working on some post-launch content for the game, including a Japanese version of the game for a surprisingly large number of Japanese fans who play my games.

The game is currently in testing and polish phase of development and I am confident I can finish and release it this month.

So please go to the links below and follow the pages to keep notified!

Many thanks for all of the support over the years xoxo


Very rough Japanese translation below:


LADY ICE REDUXを発表したいと思います。ゲームの短いプロモーションテキストは次のとおりです。

この一人称ホラーゲームでは、嵐を乗り越える必要があります。光の中にとどまります。レディーアイスは暗闇でのみ動くことができます。不吉 ! ! !

Lady Iceの歴史を発見し、彼女を打ち負かしてください。

Lady Ice REDUXは完全に無料でダウンロードしてプレイできます。日本語の翻訳は後日利用可能になります。





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