Post-release Roadmap. Lady Ice REDUX v1.0.1 patch released!

I just released v1.0.1 patched build for Lady Ice REDUX. It includes improvements suggested by players who have played the game already.

Patch Notes:

  • Added a some new tooltips which hint what to do next. These loop every 30 seconds if there are no other active tooltips. This is to help players inside of the cabin who feel lost or don't know how to proceed.
  • Added a new music trigger when near the front door after finding the silver key. This is something I wanted to add before release but didn't have the time.
  • Made some other minor tooltip changes.
  • Ending cutscene is slightly quicker between fades.



As I said in my release announcement post, my work is not done yet. As with all of my previous games I like to support them for at least a few months until I move on to my next project. Below are some of the ideas and plans that I have for future patches:

  • Japanese Translation Build

    Before I released Lady Ice Redux, I announced that I'll be working on a Japanese translation for the game for my fans in Japan (they really liked Tenome). I am pleased to say this is still in the works, but since I announced that I have added a lot more text strings into the game and I would need to hire a translator for this. So this may not be finished until I am confident that I have finalized all of the tooltips, story text, etc.

  • Smaller Build Size
    Right now, the size of the build (the folder which you extracted from the zip file) is over 500mb which is fairly large for a game as small as this. This is mainly due to the amount of shaders the game uses for the terrain (and something difficult to change at this point). However there are still uncompressed textures in the game which, when compressed, will reduce the build size and will use less memory on your machine.
  • Extras

    Like the original game, I initially wanted to include rewards for completing the game, things which would change the gameplay if enabled (such as an MLG mode or something which makes Lady Ice wear funny hats). This didn't make it in to the release due to lack of time, so I will make it happen in a future patch.

  • Dark Monitor Setting

    Since the game is about darkness and small sources of light; this can make it almost impossible for people with low brightness monitors to see anything. I'm planning to add a new "Dark Monitor" mode to the settings menu that which, when enabled, will slightly increase the amount of ambient light there is, so that it is easier to see in the dark. This setting may lower immersion for those who have no problem with the darkness when it is disabled.

  • Two Button Mode

    I'd like to make the game more accessible for those who have difficulty playing with a gamepad or both mouse and keyboard. I have plans to make a "Two Button" mode which, when enabled, allows players to play the game using just Left Click and Right Click buttons on the mouse.

Some other planned stuff includes:

  • Improved Gamepad Support
  • Performance and Optimization
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Any other feedback from players

I will also be creating a postmortem within the next week or so. This will just be an article to discuss the project as a whole; what went wrong, what went right and what I learned. Interesting stuff if you're into that. I'll also be talking about the development side of things so look out for that!

For now, I'll be taking a break for the next few days to recover from the intense end-of-dev cycle.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day x


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Feb 01, 2020

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