Lady Ice REDUX v1.1.0 patch released!


Patch Notes:

  • Increased general game difficulty
    • Lady Ice will now blow out or break the player's lantern a lot more often
    • When stalking the player around the cabin, Lady Ice will not stay in one place for as long as before (before: up to 20 seconds. now: up to 7 seconds)
    • Lady Ice moves faster with each destroyed statue during the later half of the game
    • After being attacked by Lady Ice in the later half of the game, she will now run at you for a bit longer
  • Re-balanced Lantern mechanic
    • Flickering is now more intense
    • Lantern stays at full intensity for much longer, but the light fading speed is also much faster
    • You can now relight the lantern before it burns out (there is still a limit to prevent players from overusing their matches).
  • Altered tooltip text for discovering the silver key
  • Made it slightly easier to see in the dark without lantern light
  • Added a seizure warning splash screen before the game loads
  • Added a new toggleable 'Dark Monitor mode' to the options menu. This reduces in-game darkness for players with low-brightness or poor quality monitors.
  • Removed background panel for Options menu so the player can see any in-game differences when enabling dark monitor mode or switching quality settings.
  • Removed a minor, hardly-noticeable particle effect to improve performance
  • Replaced all object tag string interpolation with a more efficient alternative. This should improve performance when Lady Ice uses her spell and make loading screens load a tiny bit faster.
  • Fixed an issue with the player not being able to relight the lantern when Lady Ice uses her spell.
  • Fixed an issue where Lady Ice would be near the player and start running around without blowing out or breaking the player's lantern.
  • Added a new tooltip text for when the key is found.

If you find any issues with the game. Please comment down below!


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Feb 15, 2020

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