Lady Ice REDUX v1.1.1 patch released!

Hi all! Been a while!

The area where I live got hit pretty bad by COVID-19, so I had to step away from future development of Lady Ice REDUX to focus on my day job and looking after my family. Finally I got some time to mess around with the game and improved it a bit.  Unfortunately I won't be able to create a translation build or probably anything else, but please keep your ears out for my current in-development project by following my profile!

Anyways.. great to see you. Stay safe!

Patch Notes:

  • Updated Unity version from 2019.x.x to 2020.x.x. This means the game should have slightly better performance and stability in general as it takes advantage of any new Unity engine features. This also removes the config window that appears when you start the game.
  • Added a new feature: During the thunder (the one with Lady Ice's laugh), there is a small chance for Lady Ice to move behind you. Stay alert!
  • Edited the feature where when Lady Ice hits you, she retreats to somewhere in the cabin before running at you for a few seconds then she continues to walk. There is now a chance she will keep running permanently until the next hit. Looks pretty creepy ngl.
  • Reduced the image size of some textures to save some space as they were unnecessarily large. The game folder size has been reduced by 41mb!
  • Replaced the cabin creak sounds with better ones (with thanks to Sidney Turner).

I haven't been able to test this build as much as I'd like to, so I've left the previous version of the game up too.


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Good job, stay safe :P

Thank you! You too!