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Loved this game even though I feel like its extremely difficult. I probably just wasn't doing something right, but I always died in the first dark spell she used! Great game overall!


Very good job on this game! Not many games get my stress levels up like this one did and the jump scares were just right. Its no wonder this game won an award! And to be so good in being made in only 48 hours is quite an impressive accomplishment. Kudos!

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I enjoyed it, short but effective!

It was pretty creepy and having monsters breathing down your neck while running away might be the most stressful thing ever :D


Девушка с холодными руками!


Finished it! Although I was scared, I believe the game encountered a glitch to where my candle couldn't go out and Lady Ice couldn't get me. Nonetheless I shit myself


Thanks a lot!! That issue should be fxed now (>_<)


I just played the game. I'm curious as to why I could never get hurt from her!

Thanks very much for alerting me to this. Turns out I'm a stupid poop and left a debug switch turned on. Should be fine now.

Thanks so much~~~

No problem!

I will probably do another playthrough of it then! In the video I talked about the candle not being able to go out, etc. I just assumed it was a glitch. Even with her not being able to get me it was still scary as hell. It would be cool to incorporate a progression to beat it, like find the clues and get out of the cabin, then escape the forrest to get back with your camp or something like that while she's after you the entire time.

Also digged the art on the wall!

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Mm!!! Another playthrough sounds like a great idea!! That sounds really cool! I made this game for a game jam (in under 48 hours) so that's why it's really short. But I may adapt the idea into a full game in the future, with a different name!

Also, the candle you're holding doesn't go out. I know that can be kinda unrealistic but I tried it with a mechanic where it goes out and it wasn't very fun :/ keep an eye on your other candles though!!

Thanks for playing tho!!

I made a gif for you if you want to put that as the main picture (it is usually more appealing to the eye)

If you want it shoot me your email and ill sent it to ya