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Experience a terrifying #asylumjam2017 winning submission, created in only 48 hours.

During World War 2, Japan had an urgent need for many schools. Rumour has it that the government built the schools on cheap land such as graveyards, which quickly became the talk of the town in many prefectures.

Witness one such school which is home to the Tenome, a Japanese yokai with eyes on its palms and feeds on the fresh bones of humans. See through the eyes of Tanaka; a bullied, asthmatic student who has been locked inside of the school at night.

Tenome is inspired by Hideyuki Hirayama's Gakkō no Kaidan.

Note: It's recommended that this game is played at a 1080p resolution. Any resolution under 720p may cause UI issues.


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Wow,I haven't screamed this loud in a while... TERRIFYING game! Lots of fun though! Here's my playthrough:

Ini video Gameplay nya dalam bahasa indonesia, mampir ke youtube gua yaaa

Helo my friend, its my videos in Indonesia Language, come and watching my videos on youtube guys!!! 


I included your game in my montage. Thanks again for amazing work!


Very cool game. At first glance, I thought it was going to be a let down like most I've played on here. Then I saw you had a play by Markiplier, which is what gave me a bit of confidence to try it out. (Note: Not ALL games he plays are good in my opinion...) Tried it, and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked how you guys added features mainly utilized in commercial games, such as, the breathing intensifies when the monster is close. Can't wait to play more of your games. Thank you for this and I wish you all the best :) Cheers!



Thanks for your kind words! I can understand how people can look at it and be put off haha that happens a lot! 
Thanks so much for playing, I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

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i thought of a good game u could make off of this, same premise with more story and terror, class stays after school (overnight) for a class project (or whatever) only they find themselves trapped and the creatures start picking them off, so they gotta band together and survive (kinda a resident evil or silent hill vibe for this with makeshift weapons and whatnot (no guns in the school, u gotta build ur weapons) and clicks disolve to focus on survival, ie jocks and nerds working together), but escaping isnt as simple as walking thru a door (alternate reality silent hill style), a resident evil/silent hill variant of ur story would be friggin epic

Hey there!

That sounds amazing! Personally I'd leave combat out of it entirely to increase the helplessness and fear of getting caught, as it's always scary being hunted by things you cannot harm or kill. You could have it so the students need to work together through the use of stealth and distractions (the jock distracts the creature while the nerds sneak on by)!

Amazing idea, bro. You have a superb imagination :)

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i just thought that using things u found in the school to make weapons would be fun and interesting not to mention funny as hell, like combining a saw blade from shop class with a hockey stick from the gym, u could create some funny ass weapons kinda like dead risings weapons, lol

fear is all well and good but add some comedy in there from time to time to reduce the stress of the game momentarily can add some additional aspects to the game, u could literally be on the edge of ur seat until u get to a safe area and then laugh at the ridiculous weapon u created to kill the monsters, itd just take the edge off....for a minute, lol

oh and to add to the fear while having combat u could go the alan wake direction, enemies can only be hurt while in light, so ud need to have another team mate shine a flash light or torch at the enemies so u could kill them, and u could toss in some enemies that dont die u can only drive them off temporarily by dealing a set amount of dmg to them, but theyll return to wandering around in random locations until u run into them again, kinda like the regenerator from dead space, thatd add some high levels of fear to the game, nobody likes bumping into the invincible enemy, lol

For a 48 hour jam game, this is solid.  I like how the monster seems to move around so much while you're exploring, and I never really felt safe.  I also liked the voices cluing you in to the location of the key.


No one can say im not a brave boi after this video NOBODY

(Tenome is the 2nd game)

Definitely not my cake, also these kind of games were popular and interesting about 10 or more years ago, when Slenderman games started the craze. Expected more from 2018 :/

Hi mate. Thanks for playing!

I’m sorry that Tenome failed to impress. Is there any feedback you’d like to suggest to make it better? Or something for me to keep in mind for the future?

Not really, overall it is not bad, but just really not my game. I mean the usual "something comes that wants to get you and you cannot do anything just run around and collect stuff" is just not for everyone. I studied programming so I know this was a HUGE amount of work, and I am not here to degrade that. My suggestion would be to try and come up with something new, maybe something unique gameplay-wise :)

Thanks for the feedback, mate! I understand that this concept isn't new and is really overused. I only had 48 hours to initially develop this game and thought this mechanic would be quick and easy to implement (which it was!) but I agree it's really difficult to make it unique due to its overuse haha

I appreciate your feedback, dude! :) Thanks again!

Hahaha awesome game! Loved the experience! :3 wished it had more... btw i kinda broke it! :D :D 

LOL! Nice bug find. I'll get that cleaned up if I ever find time to make a patch!

Cheers for playing, dude. Hilarious vid!

Very well done game!

Uploaded a video on your game just now! Unfortunately, I didn't like it. I rarely saw Tenome, and couldn't find the key to get out of there so sadly wasn't able to beat the game. The monster design was cool but, other than that wasn't really a fan of it. 


Just saw this now.  I'm sorry Tenome didn't impress.

Thanks for playing tho! Appreciate the vid!


I would like to start of with how fun this game is and it has some hart pumping moments as well. For me it was when i found the key and for a game that was created in only 48 hours wow really liked this one. Here's my playthrough enjoy:

Awesome short horror game! Had fun playing it. Those sounds definitely enhance the scary atmosphere. 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Its really hard to believe this was made in 48 hours. This is a great and scary game. I LOVED it!

Nice Game : 

What a cool, creepy game! It was so freaky! The main menu scared me! Was this really made in 48 hours? 

Hey man, thanks for playing! The first build was created in 48 hours for a game jam, but I've updated it since with bug fixes and gameplay changes. 

Lol I just kept sneeking up on him from behind and it was way funnier than escaping :) GJ.

creepy game, made me jump a few times ^^

I can't use my mouse in the game- it won't let me look around, and when I use my left mouse button, it makes me look at the floor and spin in a circle. Can't figure out how to fix it, but would love to so I can play the game.


A great game. Really scary. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is our playthrough:

Keep up the good work!


This was a very scary horror game!  The monster was very terrifying!  

This was fun , it seemed like Tenome was trying to block the door while I was trying to get out.

Interesting. I like that at the beginning you made us know how we stucked at school in the middle of the night. The objective was pretty easy to follow, also it's hard to get lost in this game, thanks to signs that you put there. Tenome was kinda scary guy, but he was more or less funny (till he didn't start chasing me) I also like that instead of stamine meter you decided to put asthma in it. It makes more logical why I get tired after this small amount of running. It's also cool that you have put real legend in game, it makes it more scary. Just small advice. Put some short story about tenome at the beginning and let us know who he is. In game I was making fun of tenome that he is some teacher who got pissed of at school. But then again it was a very good game. Keep up like that ;) If you wanna see me reacting to your game, please be my guest and check my video:

Very funny game. I pooped my pants every time when the " TENOME COMES "

This might be the most fun I have had with a indie horror title in a while, great job!

Short and good!

I liked how the kid just stayed in that closet doing nothing for so long XD

I'm going to follow you! Please make more int he future, this was pretty good for being so simple and made so quickly! Kudos and cheers to you, I hope you enjoy the Lumps Play:


A quick play

Short and sweet. I loved the atmosphere. It had me in such a panic that I thought I was playing WAY longer than I actually was. Very nice!

This was a fantastic game! I loved every second of it. I had a weird issue! Check it out!

I could feel my heart pounding the entire time! ugh! Great game! 


I thought I was gonna get screamed in my face. But I didn't so I'm still mentally functional to share my gameplay of this XD

I like the design and concept of this game, but I really hate the control layout and there's no option to change it. Nyar, I really recommend you continue working on this game please - you have something good and it would be a shame if this went to waste. It's a good concept, just needs polishing. Keep it up.

Hi there! Thanks a lot for the feedback. Any ideas what kind of control scheme you'd prefer?

(1 edit)

C (pressed) is definitely useful for when you're moving quickly and suddenly have to crouch, but also I think CTRL should be crouch (toggled) for when you're going to be crouching for an indeterminate amount of time.  You do see this is some games where there's a button for pressed crouch and a button for toggled crouch (I think the Penumbra series did this, but don't quote me on that lol.) Thanks for the quick response.

Do you think you'll continue working on this game?


Now that you've mentioned it, I'll definitely take a look. I was going to work on some fixes for other issues too so I'll try to have a new build out within the next week or so.

Thanks for the help!

No problem, Nyar. Best of luck to you bro!


this was a very spooky game! had me on edge all the way through!! :D really awesome job on making this! :D


As creepy as it is I enjoyed the flickering of the flashlight it added suspense to the game! The added parts like "find the key" that startling noise really added tention to me in a good way! (is that possible? XD) I thought it was hard to escape from Tenome once they saw you. It saw me and, bam it was game over. I tried to turn my flashlight and, run but I guess once they see you you lose. I enjoyed the game quite a bit!



Thank you for playing!

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