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A quick play

Short and sweet. I loved the atmosphere. It had me in such a panic that I thought I was playing WAY longer than I actually was. Very nice!

This was a fantastic game! I loved every second of it. I had a weird issue! Check it out!

I could feel my heart pounding the entire time! ugh! Great game! 


I thought I was gonna get screamed in my face. But I didn't so I'm still mentally functional to share my gameplay of this XD

I like the design and concept of this game, but I really hate the control layout and there's no option to change it. Nyar, I really recommend you continue working on this game please - you have something good and it would be a shame if this went to waste. It's a good concept, just needs polishing. Keep it up.

Hi there! Thanks a lot for the feedback. Any ideas what kind of control scheme you'd prefer?

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C (pressed) is definitely useful for when you're moving quickly and suddenly have to crouch, but also I think CTRL should be crouch (toggled) for when you're going to be crouching for an indeterminate amount of time.  You do see this is some games where there's a button for pressed crouch and a button for toggled crouch (I think the Penumbra series did this, but don't quote me on that lol.) Thanks for the quick response.

Do you think you'll continue working on this game?


Now that you've mentioned it, I'll definitely take a look. I was going to work on some fixes for other issues too so I'll try to have a new build out within the next week or so.

Thanks for the help!

No problem, Nyar. Best of luck to you bro!


this was a very spooky game! had me on edge all the way through!! :D really awesome job on making this! :D


As creepy as it is I enjoyed the flickering of the flashlight it added suspense to the game! The added parts like "find the key" that startling noise really added tention to me in a good way! (is that possible? XD) I thought it was hard to escape from Tenome once they saw you. It saw me and, bam it was game over. I tried to turn my flashlight and, run but I guess once they see you you lose. I enjoyed the game quite a bit!



Thank you for playing!


Super Easy horror game :D


Wow! You managed to avoid getting seen entirely! I'll have to work on that ;)

Thanks for playing :)


Hey there! I'm Shahidah and I'm just a small Youtuber from Malaysia. I come across this game and it looks super (creepily) cool! 

Can I please make a gameplay of it and monetize the video on Youtube?

Thank you so much and have a great day ahead! 



hi there

of course you can! everyone can feel free to make videos of my game and monetize the videos :) can't wait for the video

Thank you so much!! <3

There is something about your game style that I just really appreciate and I think you guys have made some major improvements since the last time I played. I like that there's a little bit of story to the game but you are still totally confused and freaked out, and trust me, setting a game in a hell hole like a school, you've already won lol. Anyways I thought the game looked gorgeous and the creature was soo weird I don't know if thats from some legend or if you guys created it, but it's cool, totally dig the eyes on the hands! I also LOVE the concept of following the whispers I wish more games had noises like that when looking for objects, especially in the setting you had. *SPOILERS* And I totally didn't know how to feel when the monster pops up at the end! I was like ohhhh, but then I was like huh, and then I was like ahhhh lol *SPOILERS OVER* But I got a few good scares and always have a good time with your games! 

Thanks for your kind words, and I appreciate the awesome feedback!

I noticed a music loop bug in your video which I'll get around to fixing in the new year sometime. I loved the vid tho :)

Thanks so much for playing

PS. The "Red or Blue?" text was a small reference to a Japanese yokai named Aka Manto, which was originally going to be properly included in the game, but was cut due to time constraints :(

ahh sounds so cool! I probably would have had a heart attack if that was included lol, but it’s pretty awesome anyways! Do you plan on adding some extra stuff in?

Maaaaaaaybe in the future, but I usually keep my jam games as close to the original design as possible. But you never know, I may make a spin-off game or something ;)

gg couldnt find the key here is my playthrough :) 

Thank you so much :)

yea lol

Loved your vid :) Thank you

Awesome, I wish Markiplier make a video on it. I recommend him on his profile though. Let's see.........

other people reading this comment, spam his youtube comment ;)

Thanks for your kind comment <3

The suspense was scarier than the monster. Great game!

Thanks for the vid! Loved the outro :')

I never knew the creature from Pan's Labyrinth is literally named Tenome, learn something every day!



Loved your vid! And I apologise about the 'falling out of world' issue you got :( I'll see if I can get that fixed in the new year!

You're right when you said the game spawns the enemy, rather than him roaming around. This is because when I first tried him roaming around, he was always away from the player and the game was kinda boring.. so I thought the spawning mechanic would be better to make it more exciting and also due to the time constraints, but I do agree with you that it is a cheap scaring mechanic... sorry about that!

Thanks a lot for playing :)

Really enjoyed this creepy game was only made in 48 hours but really good work.

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Cheers mate! Glad you enjoyed it :)

This game was really good! Really creepy atmosphere and sounds. 

Loved the vid :) Thank you very much for playing!

I was a little late to playing this BUT I STILL MADE IT! Pretty nice game!

Funny stuff :D Cheers for playing!

For a game that was created in 48 hours this was amazing.  The cut scenes were super well done and even though it was fairly simple it was still a really cool game! Great Job!

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