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Whatever you do... stay out of the dark!

Set in a wild west interpretation of Michigan, USA; an unfortunate soul finds himself trapped inside the temporary safety of a cabin in the midst of a massive, freak winter storm. While safe from the devastating weather, he is not alone. Many folk talk about Lady Ice; a terrifying spirit which inhabits the storm, freezing and devouring any who cross her path.

In this remake of my 2016 horror game jam submission, you must ride out the storm and avoid the Lady Ice as she envelopes you in darkness with nowhere to run. Keep your lantern and candles lit to stay safe as she cannot reach you in the light. But be wary - she can cast her spell of darkness. which extinguish all of the light around her. Discover the story behind Lady Ice's appearance and find a way to defeat her once and for all.


Lady Ice: Redux has limited support for the Xbox 360 PC Controller. The gamepad is not supported in menus and does not have appropriate UI text, but can be used to playthrough all of the game! The gamepad controls are included in the README.txt!


If you're playing on a square monitor (or 5:4, 4:3, 3:2 resolutions), some text may be cut-off the screen.


If you have any feedback at all, please let me know down below :)


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Too easy :P

A scary experience indeed, I enjoyed playing it.  May I also recommend the indiexpo.net website for your game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Cheers for that, mate! You flew through it with ease haha! Looks like I really need to ramp up the difficulty ;)

Thanks a lot for playing, mate. Love your videos.


Very good game, good atmosphere and sound design. Looking to get a speedrun of under 5 mins hopefully under 4 mins with good RNG. Keep up the work, looking forward to more projects from you!

Need a Lady Ice speedrun scoreboard haha thank you!!


IM DRMIX       https://youtu.be/5ybnot6YKSg

Thanks very much, Dr Mix!

Gave it a go...


Hi mate!

Thanks so much for playing! And congrats on defeating Lady Ice!

You made some brilliant points at the end of the video, and I'll be working to implement them into a patch.

Always good to watch your videos, mate. Thanks again :)

:D good game :D

Thank you!

Ok, it is 21st december already. I will wait 10 days! :D

Howdy!Sorry for the delay!

I caught the flu earlier this month and haven’t been able to work on Lady Ice for about a week! Still hoping for a December release!


Hello Noli! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate that of course!

I have posted the most recent development log for Lady Ice on Gamejolt, please take a look!

Read it here: https://gamejolt.com/@itsNyar/post/lady-ice-redux-development-log-26-12-2019-2qrkw2db

Oooh, some good stuff here

Its ok! I can wait.

Thank you for understanding! 🙏

Hey Noli! I hope you're doing well!

I just released Lady Ice REDUX and I am excited to hear what you think!


(2 edits)

My birthday is in the start of december. That would be a great gift for you to release the redux version of Lady Ice.

My predictions: In this version, you can move outside the house, the shadowing and models are changed. You discover how lady ice became lady ice, this game will have a story. She was a normal women who got frozen (or died drowning in a well) in the house, or died in a storm i don't know. 

Lady Ice was living (or died) in the house you live in, so she is a ghost now. So you light up things using candles like in the original lady ice but outside. It might even have cutscenes!

Waiting for this game, will see how much my predictions will come true!

I'll do my best! I originally thought this game wouldn't take long to remake, but it's grown a lot since then! When it releases, I hope you'll agree that it improves on the mechanics of the previous game and will give you a satisfying story behind Lady Ice.

Thanks for your predictions!! :)


Happy birthday mate! (Not sure what day your birthday was but hope you had a great day!)

Lady Ice Redux is almost finished I guarantee you that! It just needs some finishing touches and bug fixes!

Anyway happy birthday again!

Thank you very much! It was the 2nd. :) I recommend you to add a few touches and fix the bugs, i can playtest if you want. I would also recommend for you to add some easter eggs that require skill to add, or achievements. Will wait to play it! I will try to play lady ice original now.

Also could you please write a quick guide on how to beat lady ice original and redux?

Well I've remade the entire game from scratch so there won't be any bugs from the original game, but I'm hoping to find and fix all of the issues that are in it right now (that's why it's taking so long to make haha) but don't worry, I'll be supporting the game for a while after it's released so I will release new builds which contain bug fixes and extra features!

The original is badly designed so it's kinda difficult haha but here's a brief guide for the original Lady Ice: 
I would recommend circling the room while Lady Ice's spell is active and if you hear her running, make sure to always move away from her! You have to survive until the storm passes which is about three spells I think?

I will definitely make a guide for Lady Ice: REDUX! But only when I've finished making it ;)

Cheers for the translation offer! I only have plans for an English and Japanese build but if I get enough demand for a RUS or UKR build then I'll keep you in mind!

One question, how long should you survive to beat the original lady ice?

It’s not too long, I think maybe just over 5 minutes?

Also, if you want i can help you quality translate the game on russian or ukrainian.